SPHEREDEMONIS - The Revelation Of The Pyramids

“The Revelation of the Pyramids” is a debut work by a young yet rather
interesting Moscow band SPHEREDEMONIS. The album contains 9 tracks
dedicated to Sumerian and Accadian mythology. This kind of music will
hit the taste of those bored with Death Metal and Deathcore standards.
The band experiments with fast guitar riffs and odd timing, extensively
uses groovy breakdowns, while low male growling in combination with
symphonic inserts and clean voice demonstrate that SPHEREDEMONIS does
not adhere to any specific and narrow approach, but creates its own
unique music on the foundation of brutal death metal, melodic death
metal and even symphonic metal. The album is quite incapable of making
you feel bored: the diversity, intensity, technicality of material and a
perfect sound will leave the most pleasant impression.

Price: 8.00€