NERVOUS IMPULSE - Enough for Dementia

MORE HATE Prod. presents the official reissue of the debut album by
Canadian brutal death grind band. The print of the original issue (2009)
was completely sold out soon after the release. This is the most
violent and aggressive experience available on the canadian brutal
market. This auditory torture mixes the sickness and intensity of
European Grindcore assault with the brutality of North American Death
Metal bands. Do not search any longer if you need a fix of sheer
brutality and a velocity that will rock you socks off! Guaranteed to
provoke a mental meltdown to any person who can not stand heavy music,
“Enough for Dementia" is their trademark and they do not even joke about
it. Nervous Impulse will give you the feeling of getting hit by a train
at 220/mph. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your ride!

Price: 8.00€