KRAWORATH - Purification through Pain

The second album by one-man band Kraworath (Saratov) was not long in
coming. Over a short period of time this brutal death metal project
found its niche among the Russian brutal bands and came up with such
monsters like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Dying Fetus in terms of
heaviness and speed.  The music of Kraworath became more intense and
rich, lyrics grew even more ultimatistic and presented the anthology of
present day serial crimes. From the first note, the first riff of the
album power and aggression strike listeners fair in the face, deep
growling ruptures their untrained eardrums echoing in their cracked
heads – these are the associations triggered by the new material of the
band! We proudly bring to your attention even more hardball and dark
album by Kraworath where the energy of the debut is multiplied by the
new performance standards.

Price: 8.00€