The debut album by a death metal project consisting of one musician -
Batu Chetin, the vocalist of Turkish bands CENOTAPH and DRAIN OF
IMPURITY. The album presents a piece of old-school death metal in
respect of both sound and musical content. The material has no technical
fancy or virtuosity to show. Instead, there are 42 minutes of
monolithic, thick and enshrouding stream of brutal death metal with
simple, punch-in-the-guts guitar riffs and mighty familiar growling of
Batu. Everything is distinct, clear and familiar –specifically for the
fans of this kind of music! The album includes concept-based lyrics
dedicated to dark medieval inquisition times. However, the theme of
tortures is explored not through the prism of burning heretics and
blasphemers – “Demonic Inqusition” gives the powers of darkness a chance
to adopt the role of inquisitors:

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