GOREMbIKA - Wrong Honey

More Hate prod. in partnership with Narcoleptica and Wings of Death
Productions presents the new EP of grind punk death-n-roll lunatics
GorembIka! This time the band driven by maestro Pasechnik has composed
totally new songs reaching far beyond the frames of musical mayhem
characteristic of this band. In order to embody the sick fantasies at
the highest quality level the following comrades were invited: Roman
Kartashov (Kraworath), E.S. (Decay Of Reality), Dmitry Orlov (Fetal
Decay), Dmitry Shulgin (Ebanath), Alexey Lapshov (Putrification) and
Dmitry Duzenko (Davy Jones). This all-super-mega-stars band has recorded
the album where each song is performed by a special guest-vocalist! As a
special treat the album includes the cover version of a song originally
performed by the Ukrainian brutallers Pus Lactation! And, finally, this
brilliance is supplemented

Price: 7.00€