The Contortionist - Intrinsic - CD

THE CONTORTIONIST remade the rules within emerging genres like Deathcore
and Djent with their early releases as they evolved beyond scenes and
categories, even as they were integral enough to be instrumental in
defining them. Now for their second full-length “Intrinsic” the band
teamed up with producers Eyal Levi (DAATH, JOB FOR A COWBOY) and Jason
Suecof (TRIVIUM, DEVILDRIVER) to help them capture their at once complex
yet defiantly easy-to-connect-with esoteric material, which shatters
the boundaries of conventional heavy music note-by-virtuosic-note. The
Prog Metal alchemists from Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) conjure the
kinetic texture of RUSH, the cinematic musicality of DREAM THEATER, the
heavy but heady metallic might of jazzy Death wizards CYNIC and the
studied experimental precision of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME while
simultaneously fashioning an overall sound uniquely their own. THE
CONTORTIONIST have achieved a career defining milestone with their brand
new defying feat of agility dubbed “Intrinsic”!

Price: 9.99€


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