3rd ‎– Highest Human Form

3rd were born in January 1998 out of Delirio, a well-known Italian
thrash metal band from the 90s. After few months we released their first
two track-demo that gains the magazines approval: the music we play is a
personalized post thrash with different influence from Machine Head to
Alice in Chains.

In 1999 thanks to M.Fontaines Whiplash Productions 3rd publish their first EP Nonexistence distributed by 99th Floor.
It gains excellent critics and the band popularity
increases; at the top of this magic moment an exclusive interview for
PSYCHO magazine within a report about the five most important new
Italian underground metal bands.

In 2000 3rd publish a new 3 track-EP (Highest Human Form) produced by
Raptures Asylum in Cagliari, which testifies a further evolution? the
sound is more up-to-date and there is a greater interest in melodic
refrain. The resulting product is a straight in your face album though
its different from the rest of the standard metal things.

In 2002 there is a change in the line-up: Tullio Carleo (ex God of
Sadness) leaves its role in the band to the former drummer Guido Torres
(Unpure). The new drummer helps 3rd music become more aggressive: the
final step of this evolution is the new coming promo released in
February 2003. The 4 tracks of the promo are 100% pure f*****g energy,
with electronic inserts and great melodic parts.

Price: 7.00€