VOMIR – recouvre la merde

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VOMIR – recouvre la merde

“recouvre la merde” or to loosely translate, “Cover the Shit” embodies
the dark and sick humour of French ‘troubadour’ of Harsh Noise Wall,
VOMIR. In this 3-parter, Romain Perrot unleashes a no-nonsensical
torrent of unyielding wall-of-noise-harshness through 3 brain-convulsing
tracks delivered in one long continuous movement. Guttural avalanche of
sonic boom deluges upon the listener as the 3 long textural pieces of
unpleasant roar harangue the listener into psychotic submission. The
grinding movement of each abysmal track succumbs the listener into a
state of sonic claustrophobia through its absolutely unique monolithic
tonal amplification, all streaming seamlessly as one complete orchestral

Other than copious abuse of the aural senses, the album is also
visually disturbing due to the vivid reference to coprophagia. This is
attributed to the creative design work of imagenumérique’s™ Felix Rosier’s innovative art direction combining photography and installation art, and a crazed mind.

“recouvre la merde” completes the entire Perrot experience by staying
true to Romain’s consistent classification of the term ‘ultra shit
folk’. This album clearly asserts Perrot’s psychological position about
the sad state of the world we live in, reinforcing his statement (in
more ways than one): “We all eat shit everyday, women more than men. The
shit is everywhere. Now it’s time to overlay all this shit, and noise
is one way to do it”!

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Recouvre La Merde (En Trois Mouvements) is the latest of the larger
pressing titles from Frances king Of Walled noise. And fitting it’s
title( roughly translated The Shit covers (In Three Movements)), this CD
offers up single seventy two minute track- which has three defined
changes along it’s crude & all engulfing wall-craft unfold.

The CD comes in an edition of 250 copies. It comes in a jewel case,
which takes in a eight page colour booklet(featuring a mixture of
pictures of abstract placed & sheeted items, and people shitting in
other peoples faces/mouths). The set also comes with a number sticker-
so you know which number out of 250 you have.

The track featured here comes in at 72.45 minute mark, and as
mentioned above the ‘wall’ features three shifts in its unforgiving
pummelling dense-ness (these are subtitled movement one-to-three). The
sleeve seems to indicate the points where textural shifts happen, but to
my ears only the first one happens when indicated…

The first selection of the ‘wall’ runs between the start of the track
& 17.04 mark- for this section you get a rapid mix of endless
showering & rushing static that is fed out into a endless downpour
of sound. There are no real distinctive patterns or shapes to grab onto
here, with the textures following a fairly narrow tonal range between
galloping low-end & pelting mid-range. The first few times I played
this track, I felt a little underwhelmed by the lack of rewarding
textures/ patterns in the rush of sound in this first part, but now I do
quite enjoy the rushing grey-on-grey nihilism of it all.

So from 17.05 to 37.57 we have the next shift, and this finds Vomir
reducing down the wall by a layer or two. For this section we a have a
mix of churning machine like low-end pummelling, which is played over by
rushing ‘n’ slightly spluttering low-to-mid range static juddering.
Where the first part seemed all engulfing & overtaking in it’s
attack, this part feels tighter & more condensed in it’s attack…yet
of course the whole thing is still extremely dense & inescapable.

From 37.59 to the 72.45 we get a mixture of descending juddering
mid-range, which is underfed by battering & rapid rain storm like
hammering texture. This section of the track is a lot more defined &
crisp in it’s attack( I’d say there is another layer or two of noise
here too). This section takes you out of the tight & condensed feel
of the second section into a more lashing & primal feel. This ‘wall’
seems to get even more intense ‘n’ battering in it’s last ten or so
mintues….but I’m not sure if this is really happening, or my mind is
just trying to finding ways out of the intensity of it all

One would imagine that over the years Vomir’s take on the walled
noise sound would possible eased back, or mellowed down a bit, but
Recouvre La Merde (En Trois Mouvements) finds him pushing his walled
noise craft into even more into the red. This certainly isn’t the most
instant or texturally rewarding Vomir release, but it’s defiantly one of
the most intense.

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