POPEYES RAPESTATION - lll: Abe Lincoln Nonce Hunter DIGIPACK

Everyone remembers Popeye as a slightly uneducated but charming mariner,
beloved of Olive Oyl, rival to Bluto and righting wrongs with acts of
spinach-fuelled minor violence. What isn’t known is that off-camera, he
was a brutal sadist, reaping sordid deviant pleasure from the
unspeakable acts of depravity that he forced upon unfortunates in his
subterranean lair. As the unknowing public walked along the city
streets above, hideously gruesome sounds, tortured screams and aural
spews from the mouth of Hell itself erupted. This is the sound of
POPEYES RAPESTATION: where good becomes bad, light becomes dark, the
unspeakable is spoken, where all sense is lost. Now is the time to
experience what lies behind the closed door. Toot! Toot!

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