MORTIIS - Some kind of heroin

Industrial Dark Ambient.
Mortiis New Era.
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Some Kind of Heroin is the first remix album by Norwegian solo artist Mortiis. The album is a collection of remixes of songs taken from Mortiis' previous album The Grudge.

In a press release Mortiis has said:

I'm really stoked we finally got to do a remix album and since it's
been in process for quite some time now I'm happy to be able to finally
release it. I've always been fascinated with taking songs and twisting
them into something different, the ability to grab the elements you like
and put them into a totally different environment. The flexibility of
that really appeals to me.

I think the mixes all those guys did came out really cool, many of
them vastly different from what would have come out of the studio if I
had done them. It's cool to see what happens when you let other people
inside your head, so to speak. I think the variety of mixers and sonic
realms created here will appeal to a large variety of people.

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