MOLOCH "Meine alte Melancholie" CD DIGIPAK

MOLOCH "Meine alte Melancholie" CD DIGIPAK
First Dark Ambient album of Moloch. Recorded on Reel-to-reel/open-reel [audio] tape recorder in pseudo-stereo mode, live in the woods of Carpathia, Winter-Spring 2007. No PC programs were used here. All sounds represent a real-time-recording, along with background sounds of the open space and atmosphere of the natural acoustics. Mastered at After Many Funerals studio (Bulgaria) in Stereo mode. Remastered in 2015 at S.o.h.D. studio (Ukraine) from original master tapes. All music written and recorded by Sergiy Fjordsson.

Taken from Moloch website: "The recording quality is raw, cold and primitive, done with minimal equipment (old keyboards, few microphones and 4-track tape recorder), as well as some of the tracks was very difficult to play because of the horrible coldness around... Anyway, here are the results of our journey and our first live field recording in the woods of Carpathia... "

This edition does not includes tracks "Unsere melancholie" and
"Melancholie 16.06.06". Instead this - 7 bonus tracks are includes: "By
the winds give born a pain on the way.." (named here as “Die Winde geben
Schmerzen mit auf dem Weg”), "Berkana" (taken from "Khvorost" split
2007. Recorded somewhere in the woods near Pidhaitsi village, Rivne
region), "Nordish Steig" (taken from "Blut und Ehre" split 2007.
Recorded in the dungeons of tarakanow Fort), "Das geheime Wissen",
"Kristallnacht", “Sonnenuntergang” and “Himmelserscheinung” (unreleased
tracks 2006, recorded in the woods near mountain village Dsembronja,
Iwano-Frankiwsk region).

Price: 12.00€