Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles - Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured DIGIPACK

From England to the United States and back again… it all started as a
simple drone project between LULL (aka Mick Harris of Scorn, ex-Napalm
Death) and BETA CLOUD (aka Carl Pace), based on the concept of how
insomnia can effect your thought patterns. Billows of powerful bass
drones set to indistinct flourishes of temporary insanity. The original
track is there, but also included is a fierce remix track by legendary
sound artist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Fans of Lull and Beta
Cloud will really sink their teeth into this one; what Liles has created
here is not a simple remix but a raging, deconstruction as only he can
do. Originally released as a limited 3″ CD in 2008, now proudly
presented in a deluxe digipak edition with stunning new artwork. A
captivating listen for dark ambient and harsh noise fans alike.

Price: 12.00€