"Nowhere" – it’s a sorrowful, funereal ambient. But there is no dark
oppressive atmosphere - the album is filled with air and transparent
sadness. It seems that the main idea of the album is the tragedy of
Chernobyl. Slow-wave sounds though you in the desert, lonely streets
where from the black windows’ boxes of ruined buildings closely watch
the shadows of the dead behind you. But despite some frustration here
there is a light mood of rebirth. A ray of hope is not extinguished
until the sun rises and the cycle of life and death did not stop but
only slowed its progress. In what circumstances was held recording,
mastering and mixing of the album - I don’t know. The main thing is that
the work was not for nothing. The result was interesting music with the
gentle and beautiful melodies. What is missing it’s a professional
design to provide an additional visual effect. But I think this time
it’s not long to wait.

Price: 10.00€