Ion & Sophus - Love Of One

Soundtrack of deep serenity dissolved in the relentless whispers of the
waves. The play of light, illuminating the rocky shore, awaiting the
twilight chill. A little warmth and relaxation with a little bit of
melancholy. Sound mood, which came from the past, and waiting in the
wings for 8 years. All of this accommodates in new Ion & Sophus CD -
"Love Of One". 2 sizzling and flickering waves of sonic paintings,
imbued with light and a little bit sad & slow melodic passages,
recessed in deep reverberations. This music is dedicated on Hope. Hope
that everyone has their own, hopes that have come true or not justified,
the hope that sometimes moves us on our life path of. "Love Of One" has
absorbed something close to meditation, something close and unknown at
the same time. Something that we propose to discover each of you!

Price: 10.00€