– Gatefold CD Cover

– Inner Cardboard CD Sleeve

– 12-Page Booklet (Containing Images of Hiroshi Hasegawa & Positive Adjustments)

– Individually Numbered

– Limited Edition 250 Copies (Some in Special Yellow Paper Overlay)


This split release features two long time experimental noise artists: Hiroshi Hasegawa and Positive Adjustments
(Krister Bergman), both whom hail from different regions of the world:
Japan and Sweden and being specially curated for this album. Cryptic Void
displays the unique qualities of each artist’s personal creative
expressions in the field of sound manipulation. Independently, they both
deliver their own trademark styles of audio mayhem that have been
personally developed and reinvented over the years through active
participation in the experimental noise scene.

Japanese noise legend Hiroshi Hasegawa, who is one of the
country’s earliest experimental noise artists since the 1980s as the
front-man of seminal ‘Japanoise’ noise band and performance art act
C.C.C.C (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) starts off with ‘Cruel Street Goddess’.
It begins with a minimal and pitchy ear-piercing burst of tweaks and
glitches. These bleeps and beeps pulsate progressively into an abstract
yet sequential rhythm, which slowly becomes engulfed by a wall of
chainsaw-sounding buzzes and swooshes. They eventually build up into a
countless over-layering of abrasive noise loops and harsh drones, almost
sounding like lasers cutting through metal. True to the style of Hiroshi Hasegawa,
the overall ambience is one that is meditative, amid the confusion and
mayhem brought upon by the overall atmosphere. It reminds one of being
in a games arcade located right in the middle of an assembly line in a
heavy industrialized factory.

Higher Than Mountain Heaven’ is a live track that sounds very
much like the percussive work of American sound artist Z’ev. The hollow
sounding effects of waves washing up in a wind tunnel engulfs the
listener as they slowly develop into an overwhelming howling
banshee-like echo. This build-up of chaotic sonic layers results in a
harsh wall of noise brought about by sounds similar to the clashing of
metal plates and bowls being looped repeatedly into a trance inducing

The next 3 tracks are from Sweden’s Positive Adjustments, a solo harsh noise project headed by Krister Bergman. Moving away from his previous Power Electronics outfit Demons That Drove,
he now explores deeper into the arena of sound experimentation. The
tracks for this album have been especially produced, and Krister Bergman
creatively demonstrates his expertise in pushing the boundaries of
sound manipulation through the imaginative use of different electrical
devices and water. The track ‘Changing Perspectives’ is almost
entirely percussion-based presented in a random and abstract fashion. It
sounds similar to the striking of metal bars on steel drums, but
reworked extensively through the use of electronic effects. The
‘cling-clanging’ of metal on metal is further amplified by the
persistent overlapping outbursts of tweaks, squeals and abrasive
scraping comparable to power drills pressed against metal plates.
Despite these chaotic noise structures, certain noisy peaks are
counteracted with quiet moments of soft hums and drones, creating a
state of equilibrium of loud and soft in the entire environment.

In ‘Dance The Coma’, some of the dominant sounds have a strong
resemblance to the piercing shrills and amplified drones of early SPK.
Distorted vocal samples are buried within indistinguishable layers of
high and low frequencies. Still working within a balanced audio
framework of loud and soft, he creates a tension by disrupting the noise
environment with the soothing effects of pouring water, followed again
by the shattering effects of grating sonic blasts.

In the concluding track ‘Say Goodbye To Classical Reality’,
the peaks of noise elements have been elevated to the maximum. The noise
level builds up and eventually ends on a high as the continuous chaos
of squeals and scraping of metal grates barrage through the senses,
resulting in a wall of cacophony.

This split release offers an interesting display of the diverse
approaches to sound experimentation as presented by these two unique
artists from Asia and Europe. They have carved a niche of their own in
noise manipulation through their personal creative arrangements of
organic and inorganic sonic elements into a collage of sound structures.
The myriad of experimental styles that each individual artist presents
provides the listener with a captivating insight into each of their own
influences and artistic mindsets drawn from their own region of origin.
As with such a genre of ‘music’, it is best played loud through the
speakers or a good pair of headphones. The entire audio experience will
be enhanced as every listen promises a unique experience through one
being able to pick up and discern the different sound elements
creatively implemented by each of these two unique veteran players of
the experimental noise scene.

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