Fake Cats Project - Russіan Canon DIGI-SLEEVE

Russіan Canon is the fourth album - the first on CD -
based Fake Cats Project. The title certainly doesn't mean our seventeen
pieces form rather we are in search of it.

We try to avoid clichés, but sometimes play with them. There are
no folk songs accompanied by bayan (the Accordion) though you
will hear Kiriill Makushin playing bayan. We don’t play typical Russian
rock, though Alexey Borisov is a luminary of rock himself, of
the bands Nochnoi Prospect and Tsentr. This is not an album of the  intelligentsia, singing their sad, simple songs around the
kitchen table, though some fragments were recorded by Igor Levshin in
Alexey's kitchen.

Our band is not confined to national culture: we use the
Turkish saz and Latin percussion. Our electric guitars certainly do not
originate, and Konstantin Sukhan’s trumpet is more akin to
free jazz rather than any tradition.

Any overlaps with industrial music or krautrock are sometimes
coincidental and sometimes deliberate. Since there is a 
tradition of fierce speculation on philosophy or revolution at the
kitchen table, we use for our sound not cast iron rails, but a buffet
filled with utensils, bottles, glasses and a trash bin. We've also added
the creaks of rusty swings, screams, laughter and the songs of ordinary
people in the Moscow streets.

Price: 10.00€