dr:op:fr:am+e - the fule of capture DIGIPACK

On their debut full-length, Houston group
dr:op:fr:am+e creates a hardbeat electronic soup, whipping elements of
IDM, jungle, illbient, noise, dub, and 2-step into a frothy brew that
would befit any angry young man's stewpot at the turn of the century.
Because so much of popular electronic music is based around the same set
of rapidly evolving tools and ingredients, staying current and
innovative is always a case of hitting a moving target. dr:op:fr:am+e's
most effective recipe for staying ahead of the curve is focusing on
slower, textural, and less-intricate dark dub-influenced transmissions,
such as the creepily massive "Radium"; the competent, if standard,
Amen-beat workouts of tracks like "The Eleventh" hit the spot when
they're going down, but listeners will find themselves hungry again
shortly after swallowing. The most hit-or-miss spice in dr:op:fr:am+e's
brew is their use of vocals. Guest star Bliss Blood of the Pain Teens
contributes understated and effective vocals on "Radium," but her
additions to "Free Four?" seem forced and unnecessary. Similarly, the
movie and answering samples sprinkled throughout the record harken back
to early-'90s industrial music in a perfunctory fashion, and generally
detract rather than accent. The real fly in the broth is the
ill-conceived singsong/chant-rap of "Doinz Afoot," which serves neither
band, recording, nor listener. Vocal hiccups aside, The Rule of Capture
is a strong musical debut that unquestionably displays dr:op:fr:am+e's
editing and production skills, and hopefully is setting the table for
feasts to come.

Price: 12.00€