This is an interesting mix of electronic dance music fused with various
traditional song forms from Tibet (with a bit from Nepal and Thailand,
as well). Waterbone is actually a pair of American artists, Kendall
Jones and Jimmy Waldo, who simply composed bits and pieces of song
motifs before traveling to the Himalayas to record the bulk of the
album's material. A few of the pieces are pre-composed works for
synthesizers, drum machines, and flutes, but the majority is a synthesis
of synthesizer and drum loops with recordings of the native musicians.
While the performers from the various schools, temples, and street
corners are all enjoyable, the excitement here comes from the fusion
between the old vocal and modern technological music forms. The
vocalists range from young female singers of Bangkok to ancient monks of
Katmandu. The seamless transitions from one to another and the delicate
fusion with electronica make the album worth hearing. Mixing Asian
vocals with electronica is hardly anything new (especially since the
success of Enigma's "Return to Innocence"), with notable albums in the
vein coming from any number of Asian dub groups, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,
and a lump of single singers enhancing their own abilities from
throughout the continent. Any of these can compete with this Waterbone
album, and, musically, many might outdo it, as Tibet stays relatively
conventional in its ways as far as electronica goes. Give it a listen as
a solid album, but look elsewhere for the groundbreaking sounds. ~ Adam
Greenberg, All Music Guide

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