AUTOGEN (Latvia) – Mutagen CD DIGIPACK

Format: Digipack CD in Slipcase

(Limited & Individually Numbered Edition of 500 Copies)

Cat No: 4iB CD/0712/002

Track Listing:

1) Par Veelu (Too Late) (5:33)

2) Terapeits (Therapist) (4:10)

3) Nederiigs (Obsolete) (6:05) (Sample)

4) Nevajag (Don’t) (5:49)

5) Nemieraa (Turmoil) (5:22)

6) Trakumaa (Frenzy) (4:59)

7) Suurums (Pungent) (5:02) (Sample)

8) Par Zaali (All Becomes Grass) (7:22) (by Kaps/Zemens)

9) Veel Nee (Not Yet) (5:46) (by Kaps/Vinings)

10) Tev Nebuus (Thou Shalt Not) (6:19)

11) Vakaraa (In The Evening) (8:36) (Sample)

12) Auksts (Freeze) (5:30) (Sample)

Total Run Time: 70:33


Mutagen is the debut album by AUTOGEN, an
experimental solo outfit from Latvia founded in 2008 by frontman Kaspars
Kalnins, otherwise known as Kaps. Highly recognized by people in
the underground music circuit, Kaps is a prominent and revered player in
the Latvian industrial scene both as an event organizer and musician.
He is also an influential member of Rosewater, another established industrial electro band formed in 1998. Ever since 2008, AUTOGEN
has been active in live stage performance and has played at numerous
industrial and fetish clubs in Latvia, Finland, Belarus, Hungary,
Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia and also Bangkok in March 2012. AUTOGEN’s
shows often display gruesome theatrics of blood, gore and fetishism
accompanied by their signature trance-inducing electronic soundscape
compositions that exude an enthralling ritualistic atmosphere
juxtaposing invocative sight and sound.

Mutagen has finally been realized over this length of time since AUTOGEN’s
inception 4 years ago. This inaugural official release comprises
intelligently orchestrated ambient euphonies and pulsating rhythms of
the Cold Elektro genre, all written during the period of
2008-2012. Containing 12 tracks in total, they are composed and arranged
by Kaps, with the exception of two that are done in collaboration with
Zemens and Vinings, also relevant individuals in the underground Latvian
industrial music scene.

Mutagen promises an aural journey of post-industrial
influences with modern sonic elements, all beautifully written and
creatively arranged through complex electronic manipulation. It is a
mind trip almost dreamlike and surreal, echoing a soundtrack-like
atmosphere that overwhelms at many junctures throughout the album. Mutagen’s
soundscape of electronic textural layers and minimal sampled digitized
voices will provide the listener with a mesmerizing experience of a
post-apocalyptic world. The tensions of despair and hope tug at the
emotions of the innermost psyche, only to emerge the discovery of
eventual order within the realm of chaos.

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