Andrew Oudot: = crystallization. cd.

A new release on the fantastic minor-label is coming our way.
And it surprises us that much, as this is probably one of the
best glitch-releases in 2012 (as far as "glitch" is the correct style-description).
Andrew Oudot presents an awesome production and very unique "future vapour funk"
which takes the listener to the world that authors of the 80s considered
to be future.
If William Gibson's Neuromancer would have been a music production instead
of one of the most advanced steampunky novels to date, it sounded like
Andrew Oudot's intense 60-minutes-trip.
Highly recommended - just very few in stock as always.

Comes with big A4-artwork!

_01 signs of calibration

_02 dynamic opacity

_03 residual references

_04 location balancing

_05 nominal intrusion

_06 The Variables

_07 guideline of stability

_08 halo-prism-halo

_09 aspect of freedom

==> listen at artist-page

Price: 8.00€