Evil Walks is the first widely available cd release for Crucial Blast
from Korperschwache after almost a decade of smaller, limited-run discs
released through the label's Crucial Bliss sub-imprint. It's also the
most focused work yet from this utterly demented Texas outfit that
started out in the mid 90s as a pure noise project but gradually evolved
into this weird, lumbering black-dirge that we hear now.

The eight songs that make up Evil Walks feature the signature
Korperschwache moves: thumping minimal drum-machine pound courtesy of
the relentlessly decisive Doktor Omega, droning dissonant riffs that
veer from hypnotic noise to dismal quasi-black metal buzz, RKF's
narcoleptic croaking and malevolent sneer bathed in reverb and amp
skuzz, guitars humming and droning against cranked-up amps while creepy
news sound bites, the distant sad howling of wolves and ear-piercing
screams drift across the background, songs like the sprawling eleven
minute "The City Of Lost Girls" and "Me And You And A Can Of Gasoline"
crawling all soft and solemn through clouds of deep bass buzz and those
weird sing-song ghoul-snarls and trance-states of repetitive slow-motion
industrial beats, while "Heaven's Gate" hurtles through a primitive
scum-thrash assault of clanking drums, noise, simple punky riffing and
distant howls that explodes into a washed out smear of overdriven blast
beats and dreamy major key guitar. Strange post-punk reverberations
rumble all throughout this disc, nothing new to those who are familiar
with the myriad other Korperschwache discs that have come out since 2001
when RKF first began flirting with his odd mix of simple, mesmeric
gloom-guitar and black mechanical slime, but it's never sounded better
to my ears than it does here, when the music forms into this stoned
blackened hypno-rock thing, the buzzing guitars and acid-scorched
melodies looping over the skittery industrial beats and weird dubbed-out
snares and concussive Godflesh-esque rhythms, turning into something
that sounds remarkably like a mutant cross between late-80s British
psych/drone rockers Loop and those notorious improv-black metal
freakazoids Abruptum. A comparison that I've used before when trying to
describe the thumping psychedelic graveyard din of Korperschwache,
certainly, but it's never been more relevant than it is here. A warped,
blasted beauty shining through rotting shadows and rapidly declining
emotional states. A series of ecstatic demon zone-outs. A hallucinatory
strain of necro drone-rock. It's not black metal, but Korperschwache's
Evil Walks is definitely recommended to fans of the demented fringes of
underground blackness inhabited by like-minded bands like Utarm, Wrnlrd,
Charnel House, Diapsiquir, Brobdingnagian, Mamaleek, Wormsblood and
Lonesummer. Comes in a full color digipack with illustrations by Nicole

Price: 11.00€