UNTROP - Pale illusions of life

The debut full-length album by UNTROP plunges listeners into the dark
times from the first notes… UNTROP presents its own version of powerful
symphonic blackened death metal in keeping with the best European
traditions. Piano intro draws you into the inevitable flow of suffering,
hate and struggle filling each song of the album and creating a picture
of a cold world of death and eternal oblivion cursed by the all known
gods. Thick guitar riffs stick into brain like metal jaws, thunderous
drums make heart follow their rhythm, sharp and melodic whirls of violin
pierce to the bone, and the impetuous waves of keys sweep listeners
into the abyss of despair, where the roar of vocals is born. The lyrics
deal with the darkest times and crucify with the sharp nails of thoughts
about the most important things in human life. Welcome to the “Pale
illusions of life”...

Price: 9.99€