UNGOLIANTHA - Through the Chaos, Through Time, Through the Death

Reissue of the full-length album of the Ukrainian black metal band
originally released by Dead Center Productions in 2015. With its story
beginning in distant 90-s, the band can justly be named among the
veterans of Ukrainian black metal! The music of UNGOLIANTHA is a
classical raw black metal with melodic arrangements and delicate
workmanship resembling the style of such bands like Emperor, Arcturus,
Satyricon and especially influenced by the Ukrainian band Lucifugum. The
song covered on this album – "Pressed down by the fallen Pivot of life"
(taken from album "On Hooks to Pieces", 2000) by Lucifugum) recorded
with guest vocalist Mephist (Unholyath) – was not an accidental choice
either. Thorgeir Berserk (Balfor) is another guest featured on the

Price: 8.00€