NOROMI LUCALEN - Cursed And Forgotten

More Hate presents the debut full-length album by NOROMILUCALEN (Velikiy
Novgorod) consisting of 7 tracks: six new songs and one track taken
from demo 2007. The band plays grim and evil technical post black metal
keeping to the modern traditions of this genre. The core of the album –
solid, technified whilst psychedelic black metal resembling late Mayhem
and Aborym – breaks into squally uncompromising black metal attacks in
the vein of Immortal over and over again. Impious chatter of drums,
cadenced and groovy guitar riffs, atonal and melodic inclusions topped
with grim, chilling screaming vocals create the infernal atmosphere of
impending Apocalypse! Some songs are performed in Finnish. Beyond all
doubt, this is the best Christmas present for your granny!!!

Price: 9.00€