NORDLAND - European Paganism

New album "European Paganism" of UK pagan black metal band! Nordland
crawled out of the earth in 2012 with the eponymous debut LP. Followed
one year later by “The True Cult of the Earth”. After a short break Vorh
returned in 2015 with "Songs of Regression" this time on Black Plague
Records and Metallic Media in the USA. Now in 2017 “European Paganism”
is about to be unleashed. European Paganism marks the triumphant return
of Nordland. The 4th heathenistic opus from the fevered mind of one man
act Vorh. European Paganism is a concept album, weaving its twisted
allegory through a landscape of old souls long forgotten. It is the most
ambitious album to date, with 27 minute album opener “The Mountain”
echoing the epic progressive albums from which it was inspired.

Price: 9.99€