Mora Prokaza - Dark Universe

The second full-length album by the quickly developing Belarusian band
MORA PROKAZA. The album is rich in unconventional (for traditional black
metal) solutions, strong and sophisticated lyrics with truly dark
esoteric approach. All 9 tracks of “Dark Universe” demonstrate mighty
and skillful teamwork – there is no point in placing emphasis on any
particular instrument! Each fan of extreme music will find something to
his liking – the album includes both atmospheric, mid-tempo songs and
totally chaotic tracks, straightforwardness along with progressiveness
surprising for black metal: from blast-beats to pauses... “Dark
Universe” is a conceptual album about dark Space we live in, its abysmal
emptiness and obscurity. «Pathetic voices here can make no sound: Great
nothingness may darken everything.
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Price: 10.00€