The second full-length album by the unique band “Montes Insania” titled
"Absurdum" is entirely dedicated to the works of Albert Camus and
Jean-Paul Sartre. Dark existentialism is entwined with unconventional
plangent melancholic black metal and weird polyphony created by stringed
and keyed instruments. Ten-minute title song is a pure manifesto of
absurd setting the tone for the whole album, while the rest of the songs
tell stories about fatuity and pointlessness of being. Pure freedom
begins beyond despair: in the world without god, truth and feelings. The
whole impersonal Universe is nothing but a grey lair on the way from
antenatal emptiness to postmortem void. The original eclectic
combination of dark, doom and black metal with some elements from
classical music and avant-garde which can not be compared to anything
familiar or forced into any traditional framework known to the

Price: 9.99€