MOLOCH "A journey to the Vyrdin" CD

This re-edition one of the most mysterious Moloch album have a different (full) tracks list and
new cover art with all drawings made for this release in 2008 by Sergiy
Fjordsson. Gloom from the depths of not divided macrocosm and microcosm
in essence of the world, revelation from a tree nayward, mystical
images of known and unknown, comprehension of the wisdom learnt in
sources of universe, end visions, all has mixed up here, in this black
symphonies. This creation is based on influences of European norse
mythology and human aspect of life.. All music and lyrics written,
performed & recorded by Sergiy Fjordsson. Summer - Autumn 2008.
Recorded totally under LSD trip and other psilocybin extracts.

"Трудно понять Вирдин. Понятия пространства и времени являются
бессмысленными. Определяющие качества здесь - сила духа и духовная
чистота. Это мой подсознательный путь в Вирдин, в сеть прочно сплетенных
нитей судьбы, которые удерживают все вместе. Прочь от нашего мира туда,
где источник жизни отражает свет луны, а безликие тени вечно блуждают в
поисках спокойствия".

All guitar structures were written between
various LCD trip of Summer 2008. All recording, mastering and mix were
made at Moloch studio (Ukraine) by Sergiy Fjordsson in late Autumn 2008
with Reel-to-reel/open-reel [audio] tape recorder, in the same period
were recorded some songs for “Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur
Reinheit”.Here are distorted bass were used on this album, as well as
the old tube amplifiers and pedals.

Human to Dust
- a label from Germany. standart jewel case CD (with 6 pages b/w booklet, limited to
400 copies.
Cat. Number: HTD666012. Matrix code: 00095 53247 889 01 * 53247892 Barcode: 4250088502699)

Price: 9.99€