Moloch - "Die Isolation" CD

Moloch - "Die Isolation"

Comes from the woods of Carpathia,
it’s a portrayal of despair of the souls that are lost in the winter
woods. Its hypnotic sound is like a thousand blades in the dance of a
winter blizzard leaving thousands of cuts digging into the body.
Heart-wrenching screams of freezing flesh summon the death and the
dissolve within echoes of the mountains.

This album delivers
cold, misanthropic and desolate mid-tempo Nordic-influenced Black Metal,
as well as a number melancholy dark ambient tracks. Crunchy distorted
guitar minimalism, primal thrashing beats, and an overall raw necro-ish
execution are well-supported by howling tortured grim vocals that recall
the old Burzum era.

CD includes 9 tracks (6 black metal tracks, 1
acoustic one and 2 dark ambient tracks) and clocked at over 50 minutes.

Price: 10.00€