MENTAL ILLNESS - Otkrovenie (Revelation)

A joint release of More Hate and Narcoleptica Productions: at the very
bottom nourished with pain and interdiction, in the wastelands of
despair, anger and hatred, in the abyss of tottering mind of the
mortals... this is where MENTAL ILLNESS gets inspiration for the debut
album. The band plays furious old school blackened death metal. During
the 52 minutes of album length we hear a constantly developing material
with far more complex approach than it seems: various melodies, rich
arrangements and uncommon musical solutions hold listeners in suspense
from the very first song up to the end of the album. The lyrics in the
Russian language rich in metaphors and dedicated to occult subjects will
definitely draw your attention. "Otkrovenie" is a spit in the face of
those who demand our worship, it is a call for progress, for becoming a
part of something greater...

Price: 9.99€