LAVA INVOCATOR is a mystic black metal formation from Ukraine with a
concept born in a small Swedish town Lund, not far from Malmö... Dark
thunderstorm clouds over the Øresund strait, black rocks, lofty woods
and mysterious whisper immingled in infernal vortex of emotions — that
is where it all started. The album title MÖRK is translated from Swedish
as “dark”, “obscure”. This word gives a general characterization of the
album. Moreover, this is a concept-based album. Some kind of intangible
black substance, awakened with the first notes of the album takes
listener by the hand and accompanies him or her through the album
tracks, telling its story and revealing the heart of the matter in the
final song... The sound of LAVA INVOCATOR is a thick and precise
combination of old school black metal and black/ thrash metal – harsh
and hard-line, yet not

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