Haemoth - In Nomine Odium - CD MASSIVE DIGIPAK

Following six years of unsettled silence, French aural terrorists
HAEMOTH return with seven singeing psalms of uncompromising Satanic
supplication. They have used that time well, to hone and harness their
untrammelled, indiscriminate hatred into an irresistible force. Their
resolve heightened, HAEMOTH deliver a devastating statement of
destructive defiance and vitriolic vehemence. Corrupted by the glorious,
bountiful presence of all-knowing evil – vice and deviance their
predominant muse(s) – the hateful hellmongers channel pestilence,
corruption and occult rituals into their most scathing and relentless
concoction yet. Nasty and nebulous; noxious and nether worldly; “In
Nomine Odium” is a caustic, toxic and breathtaking excursion into the
darkest corridors of the human psyche, where even the more ambient
passages are dark, menacing and deeply disturbing. This is the
soundtrack to your worst nightmare: life.

Price: 12.00€