GUL TAOSA - The Agony of the Sun

GUL TAOSA (Taos roaring) from Kostroma presents its debut album. The
band plays a flawless combination of death metal and symphonic black
metal. The first thing to mention about the album is a professional
team-work of the musicians and precisely balanced sound of all
instruments. The album is full of expectation of the approaching
apocalypse, chaos and destruction. It is literally painted crimson
colors of infernal evil. Tenebrous, aggressive yet graceful music of
the band is a good example of how brutal material can at the same time
be beautiful! The album plunges listeners into the atmosphere of horrors
bred by the humankind itself that have survived to the present days.
Insane surrealist world created by the band seems to resemble the
paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Upcoming Armageddon, demonic darkness of
medieval myths and different deformities of a sick human mind - these
are the themes forming the basis of the lyrical content of “The Agony of
the Sun".

Price: 9.00€