Goatvargr - Black Snow Epoch

Time, pilgrimages and bloodlines have been bourn since the first
testament of Goatvargr was witnessed in this era of false knowledge. The
first covenant of Goatvargr was baleful, lycanthropic and lethiferous. A
rejection of the techgnostic kingdom and circuitry idols which seduce
our era. The downfall of light has brought a world of coldness. This
Black Snow Epoch is a time to honour our forbearers such as MZ.412 and
the elements of flesh, wood and alchemical steel. Industrial loops and
analogue keyboards merge with sheet metal and chains to create a solemn
winter hymn where the cold steel stings your flesh. The wolf
instinctively hunts through the frost, and the goat is blamed for human
transgressions, yet during the Black Snow Epoch, the true hunters will

Presented in a jewelcase with foldout poster cover.

Price: 10.00€