Dargonomel - Varkulama

The debut album by Dargomel (Kirov) represents a mixture of cold black
metal harmonies with technical death metal elements and the unique aura
of ancientry. Each song has its own concept filled with darkness,
profound meaning and unique sound. All of it plus balanced combination
of screaming and growling characterizes rough and ultramundane work of
the band. Songs are based on powerful guitar riffs enriched with
complicated technical elements, tempo and timing changes. An
instrumental song performed on acoustic guitar brings a sense of
grandeur of the Ancient East to the uniform canvas of this metal squall.
Fatality and misanthropy, appeals to occultism and freedom from
outdated dogmas are the keynote of the lyrics. Lyrics are available in a
full-color booklet designed to truly represent the contents of the

Price: 9.00€