CHEVAUCHEE - Phrenolepsia

The debut album by one-man project from Ufa with intriguing name
CHEVAUCHEE (note: Chevauchee - a raiding method of medieval warfare used
during the Hundred Years War between the Kingdom of England and the
Kingdom of France) is a concept album consisting of seven tracks-stories
beginning with apathetic melancholy on the first tracks and logically
developing into neurasthenia in the end of this musical tale. The album
roots in depressive black metal significantly influenced by doom metal
and slightly enriched with ethnical instruments (jaw harp, flute).
Lyrics are dedicated to rueful feelings of a person living in dependence
of any kind, seized with heaviness and feeling emotional agony. This
person is unable to influence the course of events and gets peeved at
the entire world. It should be noted that the author knows

Price: 8.00€