BOG MOROK - “Industrialypse” (Special pack)


"Industrialypse" is a sixth album by the industrial-metal band from
Rybinsk. This is, definitely, the best album in band’s discography.
Specifically on this album “moroks” managed to achieve an ideal balance
between heaviness and melody, harsh guitars/bass and electronic sound,
between the industrial mechanisticity and live performing. During the 55
minutes of album length one can find an uncompromisingly brutal
"Bloodsucker" or "Industrialypse", a trip-rock-like "Shapeshifter", or
an industrial-blues song "Undream". "Neizbezhnost’" is a re-mastered
version of the title track from the previous album, performed in
English, while songs "?? ???? ??? [Stadiae III] " (“See no Evil”) and
"IDDQD" follow the path of "Stadiae II" album released by More Hate in
2005 with artwork by same designer. The last song on the album is "Der
Golem" – a schizoid band “Fantomas”

CD comes with additional special manual booklet + Sticker !!!!!!

Price: 9.99€