Aborym ‎– Generator DIGIPAK

Season of mist records. New digipak edition.

Certainly one of the most innovative bands to appear in the
modern Black Metal scene, Aborym (which take their name from Haborym
Sadek Aym, the duke that controls the twenty-six legions in Hell) have
been spreading their demonic insanity since they first formed back in
1991. Inspired by Mayhem, Darkthrone, Deicide, Destruction and classic
originators such as Celtic Frost and Bathory; Aborym produced original
songs which mixed ambient, techno/noise with standard Black/Death Metal
since the very beginning, and has generated an even more distinct sound
with the latest releases. Their first recording ever was in 1993, the
demo titled "Worshipping Damned Souls".

The band's original line-up didn't last long but after a long period
of rest (the split up happened a year after their formation and gave
birth to side-projects such as Funeral Oration and M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab) the
act came back to life (in 1997, to be precise). Yorga S.M joined as
vocalist but he was soon kicked out and replaced by the mighty Attila
Csihar Dracula (Tomentor, Mayhem, Plasma Pool) after the recording of
"Antichristian Nuclear Sabbath".

Finally, the very first Aborym full-length album was recorded: "Kali
Yuga Bizarre". The LP featured songs such as "Roma Divina Urbs" which
became instant classics and which marked the band as one of the best
'new wave' Black Metal bands on the planet and leaders of 'elitistic
satanik music', the minor substyle they created. Satanikkk Terrorists's
Nisrok S. Sathanas joined the band after that record and he would then
appear in the following releases.

"Fire Walk With Us" and "With No Human Intervention" were then
released in the following years and were an even greater success than
it's predecessor.

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