Atrocity, Hell:on, Witherscape, Aethernaeum, Summoning,
October Tide, Shape of Despair, Deathember Flowers, Mirthless, Folkodia
& Folkearth, Ahab, F.K.U., Mourning Beloveth, The Storyteller, Moloch (6 pages big interview + 2 tracks on CD),
Sordid Clot, Lunarsea, Kалевала, Omnium Gatherum, The Crescent, Eternal
Tears of Sorrow, Haemorrhage, Cryptic Forest, Trail of Tears, Трупный
Яд, Starkill, Embrional, Psilocybe Larvae, Dante, The Nihilistic Front,
Germ, Exhumed, Oпричь, Revocation, The Meads of Asphodel, Forceout,
Trigger, Marche Funebre, Hagl, In Vain, Hanging Garden, Vin De Mia Trix,
Eye of Solitude, Iniquity, Zaklon, Fractal Gates, Malignant Tumour,
Stielas Storhett, Noumena, Abnormyndeffect, Mournful Gust, Dark
Tranquillity, Deathna River, Pitch Black Mentality, Deform, Dark Man
Shadow, Darkmoon Warrior, Avulsed, Valkyrja, Acherontas.

very thick zine!!!!!!!!!!!!

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