ARAGORN - Night is burning

ARAGORN - Night is burning
Originally recorded album 1982 now released as CDR in dvd case limited to 33 copies. NWOBHM from United Kingdom. Aragorn is a character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He is also known as Strider and later as King Elessar.

Hull Metal band, founded in 1978 comprising vocalist Chris Dunne,
guitarist Jon Hull, bass player Dale Lee and Chris Dadson on the drums.
During April of 1980 erstwhile ARTHUR KADMON and LUDUS drummer usurped
Dadson, who later teamed up with Manchester's SAM THUNDER before joining
Chateaux in 1983 to record the 'Firepower' album. Aragorn recorded their single 'Black Ice' as a trio consisting of
frontman Chris Dunne, guitarist Jon Hull and drummer Mike Ellis. The
band adding second guitarist Andy Halliwell and bassist Chris White in
early 1981. ARAGORN then contributed the track 'Noonday' to the Neat
Records sampler 'Leadweight'. Intensive gigging on the burgeoning NWoBHM
circuit saw valuable support slots to the likes of Saxon, TRUST, White Spirit, Iron Maiden, SPIDER and Angel Witch.
An EP, 'Night Is Burning', was cut for Neat Records but unfortunately
unreleased. Both Halliwell and White exited before the close of 1981.
Bassist Nigel Stollof was incorporated but

Aragorn folded in April of 1983, just after completion of recordings for a debut album. Jon Hull was responsible for forming Touched and is now sound engineer for many acts. including American Thrashers Machine Head.

Unbeknownst to Aragorn the band would play a part in the genesis of extreme Metal when Swiss Avant-garde Metal act Celtic Frost
used 'Black Ice' as one of their early rehearsal songs. Drummer Mike
Ellis, following a session career with the likes of SIMPLY RED and P.J.
PROBY, would much later gig with GLORIOUS then join London based Metal
band Meggido. Prompted by a resurgence of interest, including track inclusions on the
2002 compilations 'The Flame Burns On', 'Lead Weight' and 'The Neat
Singles Collection', ARAGORN's shelved album of 1983 looks set for
release by Sanctuary Records in 2003.


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