NECROSADIK "We are all wounds"

cut 1231: NECROSADIK "We are all wounds"
CDR in dvd case limited to 33 copies.
Raw Avantgarde Bleak Ambient from Mexico.
This album included a various vocalists like:
1.- Destroying Your Life!!! with Scum Noise from Scum Noise (BELGIUM)
2.- The Portrait Of My Sorrow with Kai Grimmsberg from Kai Grimmsberg (BELARUS)
3.- The Pain Between Birth & Death with Vald from Inner Disease (MEXICO)
4.- Katharsis with Meister Müller from Dead Trooper & Trollfest (NORWAY)
5.- Speak In Silence with Bukkakeiser from Azaghal (FINLAND)
6.- Assisted Suicide with Sinistras Vitios from VIL & Nigrum (MEXICO)
7.- Casket Of Pain with Balpehor H.C. from Balpehor and Morbid Funeral (COSTA RICA)
8.- Cold Sordid Pleasure with SS66 from Härääys (FINLAND)
9.- Death Chant Glorification with Einarr from Fortress of Negativity (UNITED KINGDOM)
10.- We Are All Wounds - EVERYONE

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