MelancholicA "Dark Fortress"

MelancholicA "Dark Fortress"
Ambiental Doom/Black Metal from Tehran, Iran. CDR in dvd case limited to 33 copies.

MelancholicA started as a one-man project of Afshin Effati in summer of
2010. Swiftly after recording cover songs, the musical approach tended
towards presenting dark and somber moods. The debut independent release
was an experimental EP named «The Nature of Winter» on 2010. After that
he started using drums in his new works, and his cousin, Farhad
Zabolipour joined the project as drummer.

After a
while, he got acquainted with Corinna Martin through internet, and
following a series of communications, she entered as female harsh
vocalist on January 2011 … thus was born MelancholicA as a band.
March, Maria Zvyagina (Ex-Keyboardist of 'Wine From Tears’) joined the
band. But only after 3 months, she was put aside from MelancholicA for
some personal reasons. On October, Safa Serenity was added as female
mezzo-soprano singer, but she was put aside after few months of working
close together too on December.

The band compromised with Russian label "CVLMINIS" to release their first full-length album in 2012.

MelancholicA’s roots lie in the realm of collaborating with musicians
around the world which have resulted in an Iranian-based online music

▲Afshin Effati (Zenith): Lyrics, Clean Vocals, Cello, Violin, Piano, Keyboards (Orchestration), Acoustic Guitar

▲Farhad Zabolipour: Drums And Drums programming

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