Raw Atmospheric Black Metal from USA. CDR in dvd case limited to 33 copies.


Inspired by other one-man projects such as Burzum and The Ruins of
Beverast, the sole member, Ravenwood, started writing music several
years ago which focused on his homeland in the Appalachian Mountains.
This culminated in the release of the debut album The Silence of
a Blackening Abyss in May 2012. Quickly followed up a few months later
with the all around better album The Grotesque Travesty of Creation. On
the first day of 2013 Twilight Fauna released a split with the band

Ravenwood writes and records all the music himself;
Twilight Fauna does not perform live. The music ranges from fast
guitars and blast beats to slower more melodic acoustic pieces that
encompass the atmosphere of the Appalachian mountains where Ravenwood
records. Twilight Fauna is not a project that limits itself to
preconceived notions of what black metal should be. This is not the same
stagnant, recycled black metal you will find in lots of other places.
Ravenwood is trying to push atmospheric black metal to new places.

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