If you blink you may miss another release in the Metal Ostentation series
which is apparently what I've done. Enclave Records out of Portugal
releases 4 of these volumes a year, each one devoted to finding some of
the best unsigned talent in the world in Death, Thrash, Black and
various other extreme genres of metal. Enclave have to date released
twelve volumes of Metal Ostentation and Volume 7 is no different
from any of the others released in the series. What you get here are
twenty two songs from some of the best new bright hopes in extreme
metal. Bands such as Hexenhammer (Germany), Eternal Dementia (Norway),
Mortyfear (Finland) and the truly demented sounds of Morte Interna
(Italy) really up the ante on this compilation with their brilliant,
dark and twisted contributions. Much like Enclave's other series Kingdom of Glory, Metal Ostentation has
so much variety and great, new up and coming talent, that half of the
fun of listening to these compilations is getting to discover some new
future purchases.

Track Listing

1) Modest – Dawn Creation

2) I Rather Die and Burn in Hell - Mortyfear

3) Blind Hate – Bloodshot Eyes

4) Snow Covers Your Sleep – Drown Me Blue

5) Storm of Sin – It Will Come

6) Erase My Soul - Outburst

7) Lead - Asphalt

8) Lost – Imperiled Eyes

9) Less Than Nothing - Hexenhammer

10) Set Out to Die – Eternal Dementia

11) Archetype - Fiend

12) Unwind - Manias

13) Het Winglas – Nuestros Derechos

14) Let Us Kill – Juggernott

15) Hysteria – Chapel Desecrator

16) Misunderstood - Aventyr

17) I.W.P. - Endrive

18) Shredded Human Remains – Instinct Failed

19) The Game - Confligo

20) The Crooked Song - Onethirtyeight

21) One The Last Hour – Morte Interna

22) Revenge of Erbseneintopf – The Knuts

Price: 6.00€