John Doe - Hurlemensilence

cut 3887: John Doe - Hurlemensilence
Darkwave, Acoustic, Lo-Fi, Experimental, Occult, Dark Ambient from FRANCE.
CDR limited to 66 copies. DVD case edition.
Depressive Illusions Records.

From band bio:

John Doe is a former very close friend (nearly family) of
Fabien Doe, - RIP - , member of one of the best and darkest french
darkwave bands back in the end of the 80's.

At the beginning, John Doe (the musical project) was created as a
tribute to his personal friend, but the music and the lyrics slowly
evoled in something larger.

There was some place for John Doe's own poetry. So the artist threw
himself through this blackhole, where emptiness and singularity go
faster than speedlight (hum..).

Something different was born. More musical and a bit roughless,
except for the sound quality, the 2nd demo show a real evolution. But
John Doe doesn't forget where he's from :

In the second demo, Hurlemensilence (2023), a cover of Trop Tard -
"Les Anges d'Aujourd'hui" (Photodrame - 1987) is the 4th song among the
six tracks forming this poetical dark travel.

If Depression & Hate continue to last, as it seems to do, other demos will see the light, and even a full-length.

John Doe began its first demo with a PHILIPS one-track mono
recorder. With low battery. And so he went on for the second one as for
the "Ma Folie se Dessiner". But this time, he managed to mix correctly
the individual sounds before assembling them. Lyrics are always invented
during the song, hence several incomprehensive stuff even for
frenchies, but most of the lyrics are totally understandable.

Just after he found a label to release this second demo tape
"Hurlemensilence" on cd-r and tape, John Doe recorded another cover of
Trop Tard, called "Ma Folie se Dessiner". It will be a bonus track on a
lp version if somewhere, whoever it might be, decides John Doe's musical
poetries worthes the wax format.

Meanwhile, this song will be the first of the next demo tape, which will see the night later this year.

Price: 7.15€