Fleshcrawler - In Blood & Chaos

cut 1867: Fleshcrawler - In Blood & Chaos
Black Metal from Sweden. CDR limited to 66 copies. Slim case edition.
The idea behind this band was to restart some of the ideas Satanic Tony originally explored with Equinox, a black/death/grindcore band he was active in the 80's.

Line up: Satanic Tony (Dawn of Apocalypse, Demorian, Doomsday Prophet, Luciferian Blood, Nostalgie Depression, Wintercold, Tragic Serenade, ex-Affliction, ex-Camazotz, ex-Corpestor, ex-Cryptic Death, ex-Equinox, ex-Killteam, ex-Pazuzu, ex-Curse, ex-Obey)

Price: 6.99€