We Worship... - Underground Black Metal Compilation Vol. 1 (2 x CDR)

Worldwide Black Metal compilation


Satangra Immortal Night Vision 2 Hatred Divine Ecclasiastical Refuge 3 Aryan Art Имеон 4 Shambless Akramus 5 Old Wainds Лик Безумства 6 Sarakt Моят Дворец Сред Планините 7 Northaunt Shadows Over The Barren Land 8 Bolg Pagan Forces 9 Pagan Fears Forgotten Chant Of Pure Blood And Immortality 10 Jääportit Tulen Kuin Tuli (Yehar Mix) 11 Perverse Monastyr Lake Of Lost Souls 12 Black Zamut Saga Om Berserker 13 Svartpest I Sannhet Var 14 Impaleron Disbeliever 15 Infernal (9) Force 16 Inspell The Little Match-Seller 17 Darkflight Within The Invaders Army 18 Toxic Holocaust Warfare 19 N.O.E.L. In The Eve Of Evil 20 Impuro (2) Orgia 21 Frostbitten A Thousand Martyrs I Have Made 22 Tomb Of Time Rising Darkness 23 Viszeral Two Gates To Salvation 24 Grond Frostlord 25 Svarrogh Тъжен Дъжд 26 Vinterriket Schneesturm / Einbruch Der Weisen Dunkelheit 27 Primitive Angel Gospoden Soulredeeming Talk With Satan 28 Thy Repentance Moon Roots Of War 29 Tol-In-Gaurhoth

Celebrating My Thousanth Year In Transilvania

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