V/A - Al-Mawtin Al-Aswad - Arabian Inheritance DOUBLE 2 x CDR compilation

cut 1209: "Al-Mawtin Al-Aswad - Arabian Inheritance" compilation
Compilation of Arabian Black Metal bands from Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia etc.
2x CDR limited to 33 copies. Jewel case edition.
Depressive Illusions Records.

Track list:

CD 1:
1-Eulen                                         Desolate House                           04:16
2-Odious                                        For The Unknown Is Horrid                07:12
3-Immortal Seth                                 The Rising                               04:34
4-Smouldering In Forgotten                      Ash And Tallow                           05:35
5-Lagrima                                       Abhore the Antagonists                   05:49
6-Laxsid                                        Live To Hate                             03:17
7-Al-lat                                        The Resurrection Of Zagut                04:05
8-Ajris                                         Tamurt N'umazigh                         10:40
9-Dark Philosophy                               The Culture of Defeat                    08:42

CD 2:
10-Hatecrowned                                  Untitled                                 04:16
11-Qafas                                        Kafkaesque Retribution                   06:29
12-Despair                                      Infinitives for Decay                    06:07
13-Ordum                                        The False Conflict                       04:50
14-Raven Legacy                                 Gott Mit Uns                             04:34
15-Abidetherein                                 Begotten                                 09:35
16-Flagellation                                 With Quinqueremes of Barca'S Curse       06:27
17-Zatreon                                      Shemhamphorae                            05:24

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