Cradle of Filth - Peace Through Superior Firepower (Video / DVD) with booklet

Cradle of Filth   -   Peace Through Superior Firepower (Video / DVD) EDITION with booklet

1 Gilded Cunt
2 Nemisis
3 Mannequin
4 The Black Goddess Rises
5 A Gothic Romance
6 Her Ghost in the Fog
7 Nymphetamine
8 Tortured Soul Asylum
9 The Forest Whispers My Name
"A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon"
10 The Promise of Fever
11 13 Autumns and a Widow
12 Mother of Abominations
"Painting Floers White Never Suited My Palette"
13 From the Cradle to Enslave
Band Documentary:
2 "Reinforments"
I: Postcards from Vulgaria - A Shockumentary (it just shows the band pulling
pranks and stuff while they are recording)
II: Virgin on the Stupid (shows them at a signing in Virgin Records)
Also includes interviews with the band, 6 music videos and band photo gallery.

"Extra Rounds: Video Propoganda" (Music videos)
1 Her Ghost in the Fog
2 No Time to Cry
3 Babylon A.D.
4 Mannequin
5 The Promise of Fever
6 Nymphetamine

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