SOULGRINDER ZINE assault vol. 2

A great compilation of Heavy Metal,
Thrash Metal and Death Metal bands around the world made by Soulgrinder
Zine (USA). Limited to 300 copies.

18 tracks from worldwide selected by Soulgrinder Zine
Fondlecorspe (Netherlands)
Deus Otiosus (Denmark)
Eternal Breath (Belgium)
Necrowretch (France)
Teratos (Peru)
Paralysis (USA)
hatchet (USA)
Condition Critical (USA)
Blizzard Hunter (Peru)
Oblivion (USA)
Tormented (Peru)
MX (Brazil)
Whisper of death (Peru)
Paganfire (Phillipines)
Ruin (USA)
Gravered (Chile)
Metal Crucifier (Peru)
Jenner (Serbia)

Price: 6.99€